The program and the speakers for this new edition of Imaging the Future are now known !


On July 9th, the day will start with a first panel about the CG animals:

  • Introduction to creatures in cinema – Extracts of the documentary « Complexe de Frankenstein » – Alexandre Poncet, Journalist, Film Director
  • Owls & Apes – Making animals talkMiklos Kozary, VFX Supervisor, Elefant Studio
  • The Dragons of Game of Thrones – Bringing the mystical creatures to lifeSven Martin, VFX Supervisor, Pixomondo


Then in the afternoon, a new panel will be dedicated about the creation of the VFX on EDGE OF TOMORROW:

The moderator of this round table is Ean Carr, Sequence Supervisor at Double Negative and Board member of VES London.

And finally a VFX masterclass with Scott Squires, Senior VFX Supervisor at Squires Studios.

The day will end with a cocktail « Meet the Speakers ».


The complete program of Imaging the Future is available here.

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