Congratulations to the teams of Framestore to have won the BAFTA for Special, Visual and Graphic Effects for HIS DARK MATERIALS!

Here is the press release:

Framestore is extremely proud to have won the BAFTA in Special, Visual and Graphic Effects for its work on His Dark Materials at the 2020 British Academy Television Craft Awards event. The studio has previously won BAFTAs for their contribution towards TV and Film projects including Walking with Dinosaurs (1999), The Golden Compass (2008), Gravity (2014), SSGB (2018) and Blade Runner 2049 (2018).

The Oscar, BAFTA and Emmy-winning studio was involved in the show from pre-production onwards as the creative partner and sole VFX studio for all eight episodes. The series brings Philip Pullman’s world to life, with Framestore building breathtaking environments and animating over 50 photoreal dæmons and the panserbjørne bears that inhabit Bad Wolf’s epic adaptation for the BBC and HBO.

Fiona Walkinshaw, Framestore’s Global Managing Director, Film, said: “It was wonderful to join Bad Wolf as a creative partner on this project; the series is a brilliant example of how we can collaborate with the production team to enhance storytelling and bring characters to life. It’s been great to see how positively the audience has responded to the show and we offer our many congratulations to Russell and the team of artists who worked so hard in London and Montreal for this outstanding achievement. »

Russell Dodgson, Series VFX Supervisor, said: « I am so happy that all of the artists behind this amazing show have had their work recognised with this award. This show has been brought to screen with an abundance of love and determination and it can be seen in the quality of the work. The delicate performances of our lead CGI characters really speak to the depth of talent at Framestore and their dedication to character and story.”

Framestore is currently finishing post production on season two of the show.

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