What an impressive cast for the new movie by Director Wes Anderson, Asteroid City!

The VFX are made by:
Goodbye Kansas Studios (VFX Supervisors: Jim Parsons, Cale Pugh)
Gorilla VFX (VFX Supervisor: Llyr Williams)
Jellyfish Pictures (VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Cheetham)
Mathematic Studio
Misc Studios (VFX Supervisor: Mark Harris)

Director: Wes Anderson
Release Date: June 16, 2023 (USA)

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2023


  1. The primary work on the show was done by an in-house team lead by Adam Buckner (VFX Supervising Producer) and Cameron Smither (Compositing Supervisor) with the team of senior artists. The vendor with the most shots completed was Red Visual Effects lead by Lev Kolobov. Great team! Also Vast, Union VFX, Alkemy X, and more.


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