Really cool commercial for ASSASSIN’S CREED UNITY directed by Neil Huxley, the animation and the visual effects are made by Digital Domain:



Agency: Mistress Creative

Scott Harris: Partner, CD
Ben Beale: Creative
Rory Forrest: Creative
Kay Lynn Dutcher: Producer
Jeremiah Murlless: Brand Director
Emily Brackett: Senior Creative Manager

Production Company: Mothership Media, Inc.

Neil Huxley: Director
Rich Flier: President
Scott Gemmell: Executive Producer
Justin Si Diener: Line Producer

Animation & Visual Effects by: Digital Domain, 3.0

Rich Flier: President
Scott Gemmell: Executive Producer
Janelle Croshaw: VFX Supervisor
Carla Attanasio: VFX Senior Producer
Melissa Nemcek: VFX Coordinator
Eric Kimelton: VFX Coordinator
William « Lee » Carlton: CG Supervisor
Steve Preeg: Animation Director
Richard Poulain: Storyboard Artist
Jonathan Montgomery: Game Capture Artist
Miguel Arevalo: Game Capture Artist
Brandon Charles: Game Capture Artist
Jonathan Green: Matte Painter
David Hsin: Editor
Brian Creasey: Digital Artist
Gideon Vandegrift: Digital Artist
David Liu: Digital Artist
Daisuke Nagae: Digital Artist
Chris Nichols: Digital Artist
Bryant Reif: Digital Artist
Carolyn Wong: Character Rigger
Eugene Jeong: Character Rigger
Benjamin Cinelli: Animation Lead
Tom St. Amand: Animator
Paul Wood: Animator
Keith Smith: Animator
Damon Milman: Character FX
Sho Igarashi: Character FX
Ellito Rosenstein: Character FX
Daniel Stern: FX Artist
Hiroshi Tsubokawa: FX Artist
Nathalie Gonthier-Thomas: Roto / Paint Artist
David Wilson: Roto / Paint Artist
Cynthia Trevino: Roto / Paint Artist
Lisa Tomei: Flame Compositor
Daniel Akers: Nuke Compositor Supervisor
Vinh Nguyen: Nuke Compositor
Nitant Karnik: Nuke Compositor
Chad Buehler: Nuke Compositor
Som Shankar: Tracking Supervisor
Viki Chan: Tracking
Doron Gabriel Kipper: Tracking
Jon Aghassian: Tracking
Ross Mackenzie: Tracking
Cody Williams: Graphics Artist
Dave Bryan: Video I / O
Fernando Pantoja: Video I / O

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014


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