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Slumberland: VFX Breakdown by Scanline VFX

Let's discover how the teams of Scanline VFX have created the garbage truck chase sequence through a stylized plastic city for the Netflix film,...

Slumberland: VFX Breakdown by Outpost VFX

The teams of Outpost VFX present their work on the Netflix movie, Slumberland, with an interesting dedicated page on their website and with a...

Slumberland: VFX Breakdown

Be sure to watch this excellent VFX Breakdown showing magical environments, creatures and much more made by DNEG, Framestore, Scanline VFX, Ghost VFX, Important...

Slumberland: VFX Breakdown by DNEG

Let's have a look at the environment and creatures work made by the teams of DNEG on the Netflix movie, Slumberland: WANT TO KNOW MORE?DNEG:...

Slumberland: Behind the VFX by Netflix

Don't miss this video featuring Director Francis Lawrence talking about the visual effects work (made by DNEG, Framestore, Scanline VFX, Ghost VFX, Important Looking...


Don't miss this brand new trailer for Slumberland! The VFX are made by:DNEG (VFX Supervisors: Tristan Myles, Oliver Atherton)Framestore (VFX Supervisor: Joao Sita)Scanline VFX (VFX...

21th Annual VES Awards: The Nominees

The Visual Effects Society has announced the nominations for the 21th Annual VES Awards! The winners will be announced on February 15, 2023! Congratulations and...

Netflix to acquire Scanline VFX!

Great news! Netflix have announced yesterday their plans to acquire the visual effects studio, Scanline VFX! Here is the press release: Bringing More VFX Magic to...