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Army of Thieves: VFX Breakdown by UPP

The Czech studio UPP is taking us inside the legendary safes of the Netflix heist movie, Army of Thieves: WANT TO KNOW MORE?UPP: Dedicated page...

Army of Thieves

Get ready for more heists in this trailer for Army of Thieves, the prequel of Army of the Dead: The VFX are made by:UPP Director: Matthias...

SPIDER-MAN – HOMECOMING: Brendan Seals & Kevin Souls – VFX Supervisors...

Kevin Souls has over 20 years of experience in the visual effects. He worked for many years at Sony Pictures Imageworks on films such as CATS & DOGS, SUPERMAN RETURNS, WATCHMEN, HANCOCK and several SPIDER-MAN. A few months ago, Brendan Seals explained to us the work of Luma Pictures on ALIEN COVENANT.