Don’t miss this beautiful main title made by the teams of Elastic for 1923, the prequel to the Paramount series Yellowstone and the sequel to the series 1883:


Design Studio: Elastic
Creative Director: Duncan Elms
Designers: Pete Sickbert-Bennett, Lynn Cho, Kennon Fleisher, and Steve Biggert
Animators/Compositors: Alex Silver, Evan Larimore, Jim Pierce, Aziz Dosmetov, Lucy Kim, Ugur Baltepe, Cisco Torres, and Laura Reedy
CG Modeling: Joe Paniagua, Jose Limon, and Mike Dupree
Editor: Jessica Ledoux
Color Management: Andrew Young
Producer: Kevin Daly
Head of 3D Production: Alexander Ramos
Production Coordinators: Mitchell Fraser and Hannah Rowswell
Head of Production: Paul Makowski
Executive Producer: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

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