Excellent opening title designed and created by Brett & Cie for the new season of THE TRANSPORTER:



Directed by Laurent Brett
Starring Chris Vance and Violante Placido

Story-board : Dominique Carrara
Original designs Jeremy Tosseghini/Arnaud Laplasse
CG previz : Guilaume Gaussuron
On set Track 3D Peregrine Mc Cafferty@ Peanuts London
Editing : Alex Pluquet/Laurent Brett
Compositing and 2D A.D : Alex Pluquet
C4D Motion and 3D A.D : Paulin Girard
Grading : Robin Risser
3D CarsTrack Camera, lightning, render : Stf Bève aka Dr Spon
Facilities : Sabotage-Studio
Post supervisors Orphee Marle-Ouvrard for Brett & Cie and Gery Bouchez & Cecile Fauchère for Sabotage
Original Music : Nathaniel Mechaly
DOP : Laurent Mallet
Series produced by Atlantique Prod ( Olivier Bibas-Jan Bennenan )
Show Runner : Frank Spotnitz
Produced by Brett & Cie with Sabotage
Shot in Prague

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014


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