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Our friend Ian Failes have featured this really cool video about the VFX work made by MPC on MALEFICENT - MISTRESS OF EVIL: WANT TO...

MALEFICENT – MISTRESS OF EVIL: Jessica Norman – VFX Supervisor –...

In 2017, Jessica Norman explained the work of MPC on WONDER WOMAN. She talks to us today about her work on MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL.


Here is the trailer for MALEFICENT - MISTRESS OF EVIL: The VFX are made by: MPC (VFX Supervisors: Jessica Norman, Damien Stumpf, Brian Litson and Ferran...

Maleficent: Visual Effects Society Q&A

The Visual Effects Society purposes this great Q&A panel about the VFX of MALEFICENT with Production VFX Supervisor Carey Villegas, MPC VFX Supervisor Adam...

MALEFICENT: Conversion Making-of by Prime Focus World

Interesting making-of by Prime Focus World about their conversion work on MALEFICENT: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Maleficent: Dedicated page about MALEFICENT on Prime Focus World website....

MALEFICENT: Kelly Port – VFX Supervisor – Digital Domain

Kelly Port had explained in details the work of Digital Domain on THOR in 2011. He then worked on the effects of THE WATCH. Now he talks about his work on MALEFICENT.

MALEFICENT: Making of by Wired

Wired purposes this great video about the VFX of MALEFICENT and especially about the impressive fully digital characters: © Vincent Frei – The Art of...


Here is a cool featurette about the various creatures of MALEFICENT : The VFX are made by: Digital Domain (VFX Supervisor : Kelly Port) MPC (VFX Supervisor...

Jungle Cruise: Chris Downs – VFX Supervisor – DNEG

Chris Downs has been working in visual effects for over 17 years. He has worked at many studios such as Rising Sun Pictures, Image...

TERMINATOR – DARK FATE: Jeff White, David Seager, Alex Wang (VFX...

At the end of last year, Jeff White explained ILM's work on AQUAMAN. David Seager began his career in visual effects in the late 1990s. He worked in many studios such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC and joined ILM in 2017. He has taken care of the effects for many films such as WATCHMEN, MALEFICENT, FURIOUS SEVEN and ALADDIN. In 2017, Alex Wang explained DNEG's work on THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS. He joins ILM in 2017 and works on JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM. Scott Benza is working at ILM for 22 years. He has worked on films such as TRANSFORMERS, THE AVENGERS, KONG: SKULL ISLAND, BUMBLEBEE.