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TOP ELEVEN « Road to Glory »: Making of by The Mill

The Mill presents their work on this full CG commercial for TOP ELEVEN Football Manager:

TOP ELEVEN « Road to Glory » – Commercial

The Mill: Dedicated page about Top Eleven « Road to Glory » on The Mill website.


Agency: Nordeus

Production Company: Mill+
Director: Russell Tickner
Executive Producer: Stephen Venning
Producer: Mark ‘Swifty’ Hanrahan
Production Coordinator: Freddie Haines, Lucy Hawes
Shoot Supervisor: David Hempstead
Motion Capture: Centroid
Facial Scans: Flex Animation

Editor: Dan Hemmington

VFX Production
VFX Production: The Mill
Executive Producer: Colin Oaten
Producer: Sean Francis

VFX Creative
VFX Creative: The Mill
Shoot Supervisor: David Hempstead
2D Lead Artist: Rebecca Clay, Greg Spencer
3D Lead Artist: David Hempstead
2D Artist: Lucas Carracedo, Declan Andrews
3D Artist: Matthew Kavanagh, James Hansell, Andrew Bartholomew, Andreas Graichen, Giacomo Cavalletti, Clement Granjon, Edward Hicks, Carlo Carfora, Peter Agg, Tony Atherton, Maria Carriedo, Stuart Turnbull, Perrine Renard, Alain Thay, Nicola Gilbert, Maxime Cronier, Evelina Dalin

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