The Art of VFX just celebrates its 3rd anniversary !
Thank you everyone for your interest about my interviews and your support.

For its third year, The Art of VFX comes with a new website and a new logo !

The objective of this new layout is to offer you more content such as news, movie trailers or VFX breakdowns.

I want to especially thank Ash Thorp who designed the new logo !

And also to Robert Helou for his great help with WordPress.

Please apologize for the little bugs that should happens.
I’m still doing the corrections.

I hope you will enjoy this new website.



  1. congratulation
    keep going amigo!
    its on of the best sites in vfx…
    experience is precious
    and many times doesnt gain with no cost
    i think it would be better if you improve the video interviews..they;re more amazing…sometimes reading is painfull 🙂


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