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Best Wishes !

Hello everyone, 2013 was a great year full of beautiful VFX movies. Congratulations to all the artists and teams for their work! I will have some really cool new stuffs for you in 2014. I ...
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Here is the official trailer for I, FRANKENSTEIN. The VFX are made by: Rising Sun Pictures Iloura (VFX Supervisor : Glenn Melenhorst) Luma Pictures Cutting Edge (VFX Supervisor : Rangi Sutton) The Production VFX Supervisor ...
Movie & Games Trailers


Here is the official main trailer for GRAVITY. The VFX are made by: Framestore (VFX Supervisor : Tim Webber) Rising Sun Pictures (VFX Supervisor : Tony Clark) Nvizible (VFX Supervisor : Matt Kasmir) The Third ...