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FMX 2019: The Program and VFX Speakers

FMX have released the program and the first speakers for the 2019 edition (April 30 to May 3)! As always the list of speakers...

MORTAL ENGINES: VFX Breakdowns by Weta Digital

Weta Digital have released a serie of really cool VFX Breakdowns to present their work on MORTAL ENGINES: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Weta Digital: Dedicated page...

MORTAL ENGINES: Ken McGaugh, Kevin Smith, Luke Millar (VFX Supervisors) and...

The team of Weta Digital (composed of VFX Supervisors Ken McGaugh, Kevin Smith, Luke Millar and Animation Supervisor Dennis Yoo) talk in detail about their work and the challenges on MORTAL ENGINES.

MORTAL ENGINES: Interactive VFX Breakdown – Weta Digital

Have a look at the work of Weta Digital on MORTAL ENGINES in this interactive VFX Breakdown (click on the picture below to watch...

Oscars 2019: the 20 contenders for the Best VFX

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have announced the 20 films for the Best Visual Effects for the 91st Academy Awards: ANT-MAN AND...


Have a look at this new featurette about MORTAL ENGINES! The VFX are made by: Weta Digital (VFX Supervisors: Ken McGaugh, Kevin Smith and Luke Millar) Director:...