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Nissan Juke Treadmill: VFX Breakdown

Mikros Image have just released this nice VFX Breakdown of their work on this Nissan Juke Treadmill commercial: CREDITS: Client : NISSAN Agency : TBWA / G1 Production...

evian Spider-Man: The Amazing Making-Of

Really funny and cute making-of for the commercial of Evian Spider-Man: The VFX are done by Sony Pictures Imageworks and Mikros Image. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Evian...

Evian Spider-Man – The Amazing Baby & me 2

Super cute commercial for Evian babies. The CG baby is done by Mikros Image: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014

Mikros Image: Showreel 2014

Here is a nice showreel by Mikros Image about their #VFX work on commercials and feature films: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX...

9 MONTH STRETCH (9 MOIS FERME): VFX breakdown by Mikros Image

Mikros Image have released a VFX breakdown about their invisible work on 9 MONTH STRETCH (9 MOIS FERME): WANT TO KNOW MORE? Mikros Image: Interview of...

9 MONTH STRETCH (9 MOIS FERME): Cédric Fayolle – VFX Supervisor...

In 2012, Cédric Fayolle had detailed to us the work of Mikros Image on RUST & BONE. Then he oversaw the effects of films like FOXFIRE, MAIS QUI A RE-TUÉ PAMELA ROSE? and THE PAST. 9 MONTH STRETCH is his second collaboration with director Albert Dupontel.

RUST & BONE: Cedric Fayolle – VFX Supervisor – Mikros Image

Since my interview of Cédric Fayolle for GAINSBOURG, he has worked on over a dozen films including GARDIENS DE L'ORDRE, 2 DAYS IN NEW YORK or BELOVED. In the following interview, he talks about his passion of working with directors and the many challenges of RUST & BONE.

THE BURMA CONSPIRACY: Guillaume Pondard – VFX Supervisor – Mikros Image...

Guilaume Pondard joined in 1998. For almost 10 years he worked there as Flame artist and 2D supervisor on commercials and music videos. In 2009, he participated in the installation of Mikros Image Liege and worked on films such as COCO BEFORE CHANEL, DON'T LOOK BACK and THE OTHER WORLD.

GAINSBOURG (vie héroïque): Cédric Fayolle – VFX Supervisor – Mikros Image

Having worked as digital compositor at Mikros Image on films such as THE DALTONS, LOCKED OUT or TELL NO ONE, Cédric Fayolle becomes visual effects supervisor on PRICELESS. It since supervised several films like THE FOX AND THE CHILD, TOKYO!, THE VILLAIN. In the interview which follows, he speaks to us in particular about his collaboration with the director.