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Industrial Light & Magic: Inside Vancouver

VanCityBuzz have a great article about the Vancouver office of Industrial Light & Magic with some updates about their projects (they will work on...

INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC: London and Vancouver expansion plans

David S. Cohen have published a really interesting article about the expansion plans of Industrial Light & Magic for London and Vancouver. In Vancouver, the...

Industrial Light & Magic opens in London

It's now official, Industrial Light & Magic is opening a facility in London! It will be located close to Soho and will have a...

PACIFIC RIM: VFX breakdowns by Industrial Light & Magic

Great serie of VFX breakdowns by Industrial Light & Magic about their impressive work on PACIFIC RIM: // WANT TO KNOW MORE? PACIFIC RIM: My interview...

X-MEN FIRST CLASS: John Dykstra – Visual Effects Designer

John Dysktra is a pioneer in visual effects. He is responsible for the creation of Industrial Light & Magic, he has won two Best Visual Effects Academy Awards for STAR WARS and SPIDER-MAN 2. He developed also the first computer-controlled motion control system called the Dykstraflex, which earned him an Scientific and Engineering Award. Her career includes movies such as STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, FIREFOX, BATMAN FOREVER, SPIDER-MAN 1 & 2 and HANCOCK.