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MIDWAY: Derek Spears (VFX Supervisor), Tefft Smith II (Head of Visualization)...

The team of Pixomondo composed of Derek Spears (VFX Supervisor), Tefft Smith II (Head of Visualization) and Phi Van Le (VFX Producer) talk about their work on MIDWAY.

READY PLAYER ONE: Matthew Butler (VFX Supervisor) & Scott Meadows (Head...

In 2013, Matthew Butler told us about Digital Domain's work on ENDER'S GAME. He then worked on PIXELS. He talks to us today about his first collaboration with director Steven Spielberg for READY PLAYER ONE. Few months ago, Scott Meadows, explained to us the work of pre-visualization of Digital Domain on BLACK PANTHER.

BLACK PANTHER: Scott Meadows – Previsualization Supervisor – Digital Domain

Scott Meadows is working in visual effects for more than 20 years. In 2008, he joined Digital Domain to take the lead of the previsualization department. He works on many projects such as TRON: LEGACY, X: FIRST CLASS, ENDER'S GAME and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.