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Tag: Downsizing

DOWNSIZING: VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX

Have a look at how Rodeo FX created the various environments on DOWNSIZING: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Rodeo FX: Dedicated page about DOWNSIZING on Rodeo FX...

DOWNSIZING: Stephane Nazé – VFX Supervisor – Framestore

A few weeks ago, Stephane Nazé explained to us in detail about the work of Framestore on DARKEST HOUR. He talks to us today about his work on DOWNSIZING.

DOWNSIZING: James E. Price – Overall VFX Supervisor

James E. Price is working in the visual effects for more than 27 years. As a VFX supervisor, he took care of the effects of many films such as AUSTRALIA, THE A-TEAM, PACIFIC RIM and ROBOCOP.

16th Annual VES Awards: The Nominations

The nominations for the 16th Annual VES Awards have just been announced! OUTSTANDING VISUAL EFFECTS IN A PHOTOREAL FEATURE Blade Runner 2049 John Nelson Karen Murphy...

DOWNSIZING: The history of shrinking people with James Price

Really cool video by WIRED about the history of shrinking people in movies explained by VFX Supervisor James Price with many behind the scenes...


Excellent new trailer for DOWNSIZING: The VFX are made by: Industrial Light & Magic (VFX Supervisor: Lindy DeQuattro) Framestore Rodeo FX Shade VFX Lola VFX The Production VFX Supervisor is James...