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BUF Showreel 2013

Here is the 2013 BUF Showreel. © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2013

Annecy 2013 – Summary

During the period from June 10th to 15th took place the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy. Each year, this festival is one of...

THE GRANDMASTER (YI DAI ZONG SHI): Isabelle Perin-Leduc – VFX Supervisor...

Isabelle Perin-Leduc began her career in visual effects at BUF in 2003. She has worked on many commercials before moving on feature films such as the trilogy of ARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLES, MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM, BE KIND REWIND or SPEED RACER.

Upside Down

Here is the trailer for UPSIDE DOWN. The VFX are made by : Vision Globale (VFX Supervisor: François Dumoulin) La Maison Buf Hatch FX (VFX Supervisor: Deak Ferrand)

LIFE OF PI: Geoffrey Niquet – VFX Supervisor – BUF

Geoffrey Niquet is back on The Art of VFX. He had explained his work on ENTER THE VOID. He speaks to us now about BUF work on LIFE OF PI.

TOTAL RECALL: Olivier Cauwet – VFX Supervisor – BUF

Olivier Cauwet is back on The Art of VFX. After explaining the challenges for SUR LA PISTE DU MARSUPILAMI, Olivier explains his work on the remake of TOTAL RECALL.

DARK SHADOWS: Christophe Dupuis – VFX Supervisor VFX – Buf

Chrisophe Dupuis joined BUF in 1995. He has worked on many projects such as BATMAN & ROBIN, FIGHT CLUB or SPEED RACER.

SUR LA PISTE DU MARSUPILAMI: Olivier Cauwet – VFX Supervisor –...

Olivier Cauwet joined BUF Compagnie in 1998. He will work on projects like FIGHT CLUB, THE MATRIX RELOADED, ALEXANDER or BATMAN BEGINS. He is also overseeing projects like LES DEUX MONDES, CITY OF EMBER or ARTHUR 3: THE WAR OF THE TWO WORLDS. In the following interview, he talks about the challenge of giving life to the Marsupilami.

ENTER THE VOID: Geoffrey Niquet – VFX Supervisor – BUF

Working since 1995 at BUF Company, Geoffrey Niquet has participated in projects such as BATMAN & ROBIN, FIGHT CLUB or THE CELL. It becomes VFX supervisor in 2004 on ATOMIK CIRCUS and has since overseen the effects of films such as SPEED RACER or THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ADELE BLANC-SEC.

AVATAR: Mathilde Tollec – VFX Supervisor – BUF

Mathilde Tollec entered at BUF in 2004. She became visual effects supervisor on the film RICKY and she has just ended the supervision of AVATAR.