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SPIDER-MAN – HOMECOMING: GFX Reel by Cantina Creative

Have a look at the nice motion graphics work made by Cantina Creative on SPIDER-MAN – HOMECOMING:

Cantina Creative: Dedicated page about SPIDER-MAN – HOMECOMING on Cantina Creative website.


Client: Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios, Pascal Pictures

VFX Executive Producer: Sean Cushing

VFX Supervisor: Stephen Lawes

Design Supervisor: Venti Hristova

VFX Producer: Grace Hendley

CG/Compositors: Julianne Dome, Jay Grunfeld, Jeff Olney, Brian Sales

Design/Animation: Carly Cerquone, Jayse Hansen, Andrew Hawryluk, Aaron Eaton, Matt Eaton, Sang Kim, Shawn Lee, Daniel Zhang

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