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Pinocchio: Kevin Baillie – Production VFX Supervisor

In 2019, Kevin Baillie explained to us the visual effects work on Welcome to Marwen. He then worked on Men in Black: International and...

WELCOME TO MARWEN: Kevin Baillie – Overall VFX Supervisor – Method...

In 2015, Kevin Baillie explained to us the work of Atomic Fiction (now Method Studios) on THE WALK. He then worked on STAR TREK BEYOND, ALLIED and the TV series, MANIFEST. Today he talks about his new collaboration with director Robert Zemeckis for WELCOME TO MARWEN.

THE WALK: Kevin Baillie – Variety Artisans

Really cool video by Variety with Kevin Baillie, Overall VFX Supervisor, about the VFX work on THE WALK: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Kevin Baillie: My interview...

THE WALK: Kevin Baillie – Overall VFX Supervisor – Atomic Fiction

During his last visit, Kevin Baillie talked about the work of Atomic Fiction on STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. He then worked on NEED FOR SPEED and TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION. He then takes of the effects supervision of the new film by Robert Zemeckis, THE WALK and opens at this occasion an Atomic Fiction office in Montreal.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS: Kevin Baillie – VFX Supervisor – Atomic...

A few months ago, Kevin Baillie explained the work of Atomic Fiction of Robert Zemeckis' FLIGHT, for which they won the Satellite Award for Best Visual Effects. This time he talks about his work for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

FLIGHT: Kevin Baillie – VFX Supervisor – Atomic Fiction

Kevin Baillie began working in the visual effects as previz artist on STAR WARS EPISODE 1. He joined The Orphanage in 2000 and have worked on numerous films such as HELLBOY, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW or SIN CITY. He then worked at ImageMovers Digital on projects like A CHRISTMAS CAROL or March NEEDS MOMS. In 2010, he founded Atomic Fiction with Ryan Tudhope.

LOOPER: Ryan Tudhope – Co-Founder & VFX Supervisor – Atomic Fiction

Ryan Tudhope worked for The Orphanage and ImageMovers Digital on projects like HELLBOY, SIN CITY, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST or MARS NEEDS MOMS. In 2011, he founded Atomic Fiction with Kevin Baillie and supervises the effects of films like JACK AND JILL and UNDERWORLD AWAKENING.


Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Here, the latest film from visionary director Robert Zemeckis. Reuniting with Tom Hanks, Zemeckis pushes the boundaries of...


Here is a new movie clip from the Robert Zemeckis version of Pinocchio! The VFX are made by:MPC The Production VFX Supervisor is Kevin Baillie. Director: Robert...

19th Annual VES Awards: The Nominees

The Visual Effects Society has announced yesterday the nominations for the 19th Annual VES Awards! Congratulations and good luck to everyone! Outstanding Visual Effects in...