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I KILL GIANTS: Making of by Umedia VFX

Interesting making of about the work of Umedia VFX on I KILL GIANTS: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2018


Here is the trailer for the adaptation of the graphic novel, I KILL GIANTS: The VFX are made by: Umedia Unit Image (VFX Supervisor: Dorian Marchesin) Director: Anders...

300 – RISE OF AN EMPIRE: Charley Henley (VFX Supervisor) with...

In 2012, Charley Henley had told us about the work of MPC on TOTAL RECALL and PROMETHEUS. Last year, he worked again with director Ridley Scott for THE COUNSELOR. He now explains his work on the sequel of 300.

THOR: Eric Fernandes – CG Supervisor – Digital Domain

Eric Fernandes has worked in many studios such as Industrial Light and Magic, Weta Digital or Dreamworks Animation and Digital Domain. He has worked on such films as STAR WARS EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES, LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS and RETURN OF THE KING but also on KUNG FU PANDA and AVATAR.