The Art of VFX

Pixomondo Showreel 2021

Don’t miss this VFX Showreel by Pixomondo showing the work on many shows such as Raised by Wolves, Perry Mason, Westworld – Season 3, Midway and many more:

Raised by Wolves: My interview of Boris Schmidt (VFX Supervisor) with Max Riess, Moritz Bock and Julian Lojek (VFX Supervisors).
Perry Mason: My interview of Michael Shelton, VFX Supervisor.
Westworld – Season 3: My interview of Nhat Phong Tran (VFX Supervisor) & Phi Van Le (VFX Producer).
Midway: My interview of Derek Spears (VFX Supervisor), Tefft Smith II (Head of Visualization) & Phi Van Le (VFX Producer)

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