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MADAM SECRETARY: VFX Breakdown by VFX Legion

VFX Legion presents their invisible work on MADAM SECRETARY: WANT TO KNOW MORE? VFX Legion: Dedicated page about MADAM SECRETARY on VFX Legion website. © Vincent Frei...

SCANDAL: VFX Breakdown by VFX Legion

Come see how VFX Legion recreated Washington and the White House for SCANDAL: WANT TO KNOW MORE? VFX Legion: Dedicated page about SCANDAL on VFX Legion...

LEGION: VFX Breakdown by Folks VFX

Canadian studio Folks VFX presents their work on the escape sequence for the pilot of LEGION: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Folks: Dedicated page about LEGION on...


Beautiful new CG cinematic by Blizzard for WORLD OF WARCRAFT - LEGION: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2015

LEGION: Jeff Campbell – VFX Supervisor – Spin VFX

Jeff Campbell has evolved in visual effects for 17 years as an animator, compositor, and VFX Supervisor. He has added his unique artistic vision to the benefit of numerous feature film projects such as FIGHT CLUB, X-MEN and THE CELL. He join Spin in 2003. His most recent VFX Supervisor credits include, 20th Century Fox’s “MAX PAYNE” and now Sony Screen Gems “LEGION”. He talks about his work on LEGION and the challenge that were the wings of the Angels.

Wednesday: Tom Turnbull – Production VFX Supervisor

Tom Turnbull has over 30 years experience in visual effects. He co-founded the studio Rocket Science VFX with Anthony Paterson in 2003. He has...


Get ready to follow Rosario Dawson in a futuristic America with DMZ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDsrZk9yxwk The VFX are made by:FuseFX (VFX Supervisors: Wayne England, Brian Kubovcik, Brad Kalinoski)Refuge...

Zoic Studios Expands Vancouver Studio with Trio of New Hires

Zoic Studios is expanding their office in Vancouver with the addition of Craig Wentworth as VFX Supervisor, Patricia Binga as Animation Supervisor and Adam...

GAME OF THRONES: Joe Bauer – Overall VFX Supervisor – HBO

Joe Bauer has been working in visual effects since 1993. As a VFX Supervisor, he took care of the effects of many films such as DOUBLE TEAM, ELF, OUTLANDER and LEGION. He has been working on GAME OF THRONES since the 3rd season.

THE HIGHWAYMEN: Chris MacLean – VFX Supervisor – Mr. X

In 2014, Chris MacLean explained the work of Mr. X on POMPEII. He then worked on many projects such as CRIMSON PEAK, BEN-HUR, LEGION and THE STRAIN.