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Imaging the Future 2017: The VFX speakers

The new edition of NIFFF have presented his 2017 program, so let's have a look at the VFX speakers of Imaging the Future: The two...

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Nicolas Aithadi – VFX Supervisor – MPC

During his last interview, Nicolas Aithadi explained in details the work of MPC on 47 RONIN. He is back with the space opera of Marvel, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.


Crazy trailer for 2.0 featuring Indian superstar Rajinikanth: The VFX are made by: DNEG UNIT studios El Ranchito TAU Films MAS Imageworks Asymmetric VFX Prana studios - R&H Postmodern Crater Studio KNACK Studios Bottleship VFX Firefly Creative...


Here is the final trailer of a new Russian sci-fi movie, A ROUGH DRAFT (CHERNOVIK): The VFX are made by: Asymmetric VFX (VFX Supervisor: Viktor Lakisov) Director:...


Here is the trailer of russian movie VIY 3D: The VFX are made by: Asymmetric VFX (VFX Supervisor : Viktor Lakisov) Chimney (VFX Supervisor : Denys Shchukin) Film...

GODZILLA – KING OF THE MONSTERS: Spencer Cook – Senior Animation...

Spencer Cook has more than 28 years of experience in the field of animation. He has worked in many studios such as Digital Domain, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Framestore and MPC. He has worked on films like THE MATRIX RELOADED, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, MEN IN BLACK 3 and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

CAPTIVE STATE: Tom Brass (Creative Director) & Dave Cook (Head of...

After working at BBC on PLANET DINOSAUR, Tom Brass joined Jellyfish Pictures in 2011. He worked on many projects such as AMERICAN DYNASTIES: THE KENNEDYS, DEADLY DINOSAURS WITH STEVE BACKSHALL and THE INNOCENTS. Dave Cook began his career in visual effects in 2004. He worked in many studios and then became Head of 3D at Jellyfish Pictures in 2015.

TRANSFORMERS – THE LAST KNIGHT: Rick O’Connor – Animation Supervisor –...

In 2014, Rick O'Connor explained to us about the ILM's work on TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION. Now he talks to us about his new collaboration with director Michael Bay and the challenges on TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT.