Excellent CG cinematic for The House of Wolves, the second DLC of DESTINY, directed by Simon Clowes and made by Prologue:



Design and Production Company: Prologue
Director: Simon Clowes
CG Supervisor: Lee John Nelson
Producer: Armando Plata
Executive Producer: Unjoo Byars
Production Manager: Paul Alexiou
Production Coordinator: Colleen Murphy
Animation Supervisor: Mitch Gonzalez
Lighting Leads: Joshua Kohlmeier & Erick Schiele
Compositing Supervisor: Nabil Schiantarelli
Lead Modeler: Bryan Repka
Cloth/Hair Supervisor: Noah Peterson
Lead TD: Michael Fisher
Rigging TD: Peter Christensen
Animation: Marc Perrera and Andrez Aguayo
Lighting: Patrick Vidal and Joseph Langmuir
Compositing: Noll Linsangan
FX: Jason Mortimer and Kevin Cahill
Modeling: Margaret Dost, Randy Sharp, and Edwin Chiu
CG Artists: Casey Benn, Desiree Lunsford, Cory Cosper,
Danka Chiang, and Vlad Pineda
Cloth/Hair TD: Karthik Swaminathan
Matte Painting: Niall Booker and Nadia Tzuo
Concept Artist: Daniel Thron
Texture Artist: Joseph Lacap & Joshua Frontino
Storyboard Artist: Daniel Thron
Storyboard Animatic: Gabriel J. Diaz
Colorist: Simon Clowes
Pipeline TD’s: Roy Edwards and Vivek Reddy
Systems: Brian Holmes and Dylan Harper
Managing Director: Kimberly Cooper
Mocap Artists: Mikal Vega, Margaret Dost, and Mitch
Motion Capture Services: Motion Analysis Studio

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2015


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