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Here is a the first trailer for EDDIE THE EAGLE: The VFX are made by: Nvizible (VFX Supervisor : Matt Kasmir) Director: Dexter Fletcher Release Date: 26 February...

CATCH-22: Matt Kasmir – Overall VFX Supervisor

In 2015, Matt Kasmir explained the work of Nvizible work on KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE. He then took care of the effects of films like EDDIE THE EAGLE and LEAGUE OF GODS. After SUBURBICON, CATCH-22 is his second collaboration with director George Clooney.

KINGSMAN – THE SECRET SERVICE: Matt Kasmir – VFX Supervisor –...

In 2014, Matt Kasmir explained to us about Nvizible's work on EDGE OF TOMORROW. He then worked on DRACULA UNTOLD and PADDINGTON. Today, he talks about his work on KINGSMAN - THE SECRET SERVICE.