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For the 4th years of The Art of VFX, I decided to offer you new content and mostly editorial contents. This first article “Look back on 2013 and the expectations for 2014″ is the first step. I hope you will find it interesting.


[lang_fr]J’ai eu le plaisir d’interviewer Alessandro Cioffi en 2010 pour son travail sur NINJA ASSASSIN chez Trixter. Depuis lors, il a travaillé sur des films comme PERCY JACKSON, IRON MAN 2 ou encore X-MEN FIRST CLASS. Dans l’interview qui suit, Alessandro nous parle de son travail sur CAPTAIN AMERICA.

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Pour des raisons de temps, cette interview ne sera disponible qu’en anglais!

// Version originale: Anglais[/lang_fr][lang_en]I had the pleasure to interview Alessandro Cioffi in 2010 for his work on NINJA ASSASSIN at Trixter. Since then he has worked on films like PERCY JACKSON IRON MAN 2 or X-MEN FIRST CLASS. In the following interview, Alessandro talks about his work on CAPTAIN AMERICA.

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// Original version: English[/lang_en]


Alessandro Cioffi has built his knowledge of visual effects by working in various studios in Italy, London or Germany. He participated to the compositing of such movies as 300, KINGDOM OF HEAVEAN or SWEENEY TODD. He joined the Trixter in 2007 and NINJA ASSASSIN mark its first movie as visual effects supervisor. He talks about his work on NINJA ASSASSIN and how Trixter has managed this ambitious project.