SHADOW OF WAR “Friend or Foe”: VFX Breakdown of MPC ...

Check out this VFX Breakdown about the work of MPC on SHADOW OF WAR “Friend or Foe”: SHADOW OF WAR “Friend or Foe”: Interactive trailer WANT TO KNOW MORE? MPC: Dedicated page about SHADOW OF ...

SPIDER-MAN – HOMECOMING: The Vulture by Sony Pictures Imageworks


TULIP FEVER: VFX Breakdown by BlueBolt

GRAND FROID: VFX Breakdown by Benuts

EDF “The Race”

Really nice commercial for EDF with the animation and VFX made by Mathematic: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Mathematic: Dedicated page about EDF “The Race” on Mathematic website. © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX ...

SHADOW OF WAR “Friend or Foe”: Interactive trailer

DESTINY 2 “New Legends Will Rise”

Renault “Kwid”

Leningrad – Kolschik

STAR TREK DISCOVERY: Main title by Prologue

Beautiful and stylish title for STAR TREK DISCOVERY created by the teams of Prologue: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Prologue: Dedicated page about STAR TREK DISCOVERY on Prologue website. © Vincent Frei – The Art of ...
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Joe Letteri – FMX 2015

Joe Letteri made a presentation about the 20 years of Weta Digital and THE HOBBIT during the FMX 2015. I took the opportunity to ask him few questions about his career at Weta Digital. Thanks ...
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Women in VFX: Lana Lan

The new interview by Women in VFX presents Lana Lan, Creature Model Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, who talks about her career from Technical Assistant to Supervisor: © Vincent Frei – The Art of ...

Women in VFX: Lindy DeQuattro

Lindy DeQuattro, VFX Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, talks about her background and career in this first interview for Women in VFX: WANT TO KNOW MORE? PACIFIC RIM: My interview of Lindy DeQuattro. © ...
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animago AWARD 2017: the winners

Congratulations to all the winners of animago AWARD 2017: Best character Poilus Guillaume Auberval, Léa Dozoul, Simon Gomez, Timothé Hek, Hugo Lagrange, Antoine Laroye & David Lashcari, Isart Digital, France Best Visual Effects Fantastic Beasts ...
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Short Film


LOST BOY is a dark and intriguing shortfilm directed by Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns. VFX and production by PostPanic: WANT TO KNOW MORE: Ash Thorp: Dedicated page about LOST BOY on Ash Thorp ...
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